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Nathan H. Leung

I provide small businesses and early-stage startups with software development services and technical expertise in web technologies and infrastructure. I also provide investment advisory services through the Leung Enterprises Investment Advisory Division.

Specific technologies I've used to build successful products include: AWS (EC2, S3, SES, Route 53, VPC, CodeDeploy), Node.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Websockets, JSON Web Tokens, Terraform (Infrastructure-as-Code), NGINX, Webpack, React, React Native, and ES2015+ JavaScript, among others.

Professional Experience

I'm currently working at Ramp in New York City. Previously, I was at Jupiter, a YC-backed grocery delivery startup. Before that, I worked at Google in the San Francisco Bay Area and Wrinkl, a pre-Series-A business communication startup based in Philadelphia.

What I Can Do For You

  • Need a new landing page, website, or Wordpress blog built? I will design, build, and configure a site for maximum performance and optimal user experience. Selected work includes John Com Productions, Saffron Indian Kitchen, Wissahickon Track and Field.
  • Need a minimum viable product built for your web or mobile app idea? I will turn your specification into robust reality. Selected work includes Issa Caption, Guess the Font, Final Grade Calculator.
  • Have an early-stage SaaS app? I will provision the infrastructure necessary for the next stage of growth (~1,000 to 10,000 users). Selected work includes Suap, Wrinkl (intern).
  • Need to hire contract or freelance workers in web technologies? I will interview candidates and assess their expertise. Selected experience: did technical screens at Wrinkl.
  • Need to modernize an aging web codebase? I will provide best practices for bringing a repository to as well as my expertise in modern frameworks and design patterns. Selected work includes install-peerdeps.



If you have a project which sounds like a fit, contact me at [email protected]. I'm available to start at the end of August, and I'm actively taking proposals.